Saturday, February 28, 2015


We are a coveted organization that is involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting high quality PTFE Gaskets. Available in various sizes and standards, these gaskets are made from PTFE bush, PTFE sheet, PTFE molded sheet or PTFE sheet by welded segments. It is composed of elastic materials such as compressed non-asbestos sheet and a PTFE envelope cover. It is used to seal pipe flanges glass lined, PVC or FRP. Low bolt torque effecting a seal and chemical compatibility is a main characteristic of this type of gasket.

Type of PTFE envelope gaskets:
  • V-type
  • U-type
  • L-type

  • Non-asbestos compressed sheet
  • Asbetos compressed sheet
  • Automobile
  • Electrical appliance
  • Mechanical
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Household
  • Medical
  • PTFE gasket
  • PTFE washers
  • PTFE sealing gasket
  • PTFE insulation gasket
  • PTFE machined gasket
PART CODE :: 20021715