Friday, December 5, 2014

Tooth Lock Washer - Rubber Wraps Washer ::

Tooth steel washer wrapped with rubber skin. Best lock and cushion quality for eyebolts.

  • PVC And TPE material wrapped.
  • Serrated steel tooth washer inside.
  • Customization is available.
Product Information :

  • Tooth Lock Washer, Rubber Wraps, Serrated Steel Washer, For Eyebolt, M12
  • Rubber Internal Diameter: 9.5mm ± 0.1MM 
  • Steel Internal Diameter: 12.5mm ± 0.1MM
  • External Diameter: 24.0mm ± 0.2MM 
  • Colour: Natural / Grey / Black 
  • Quantity: 500 & 1000 Nos. 
  • Material: PE and PVC 
  • Washer Thickness: 3.1mm ± 0.1MM 
  • Bolt Size: M12 
  • Thread Type: Metric

PART CODE :: 20021111


Unknown said...

Very happy with all my purchases from this professional company with outstanding personnel. 5,Star all day long

Unknown said...

Been trying to find solution for protection caps for dining chairs. Great service on contact. Put in the order and it arrived a couple of days later! All in less than a week! Thank you

Unknown said...

Superb, friendly, knowledgeable service. Quality products and fast delivery.....need I say more...! Thank you.