Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rubber Locking Ring CW  3mm ::

Rubber Locking Ring (CW3) is a specially designed rubber band. It could be easily and conveniently used to tie up or wrap an extensive range of awkward shaped things. Its grip is very firm. The usage is not limited but imagination. It is aimed for industrial use, commercial use & also aimed to assisting in manufacturing process.

Although there are many types of tying products available in the market, the Rubber Locking Ring (CW3) has some benefits over other types. The major benefit of Rubber Locking Ring compared to other types could be described as follows:

1) Due to its elastic feature, CW3 could be stretched longer to fit need. Unlike other types which are of fixed length, CW3 could be appropriate to tie & bundel up object with circumference from 6cm to 44cm. Usage within this range is recommended only. However, it could be stretched a little longer too.
2) Due to its very special design, CW3 could be untied & removed easily and then re-used again. Other types, which locks permanently on their first use, would require to cut and waste that piece if the tie is not appropriate.
3) Other types of Rings need access to one end of the object to properly tie it up, whereas CW3 is not limited to this. CW3 could even tie up objects (like long cables, long electric wires without reaching their ends etc. even in the middle area. Just hold the whole bunch of objects together and then loop the CW3 around them and then secure the lock by putting the Locking head into the other side of the Ring. Other types of rings are just incapable to be locked if used in the middle area of long cables or wires.
4) Due to the soft rubber material of CW3, it does not damage the object which is tied. This is another benefit compare to other type which are made of hard plastic materials that damages the object after long periods.
5) Due to its low production cost, CW3 is much lower priced than others. In industrial, commercial or manufacturing environment, this is of much preference as it tends to be very cost effective for its purpose.

Material: Soft Rubber
Colour: Yellow(Honey), Black and as per customer Demand.
Sizes: Various sizes available and other make on Request.

Part Code :: 20021367


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