Monday, March 3, 2014


The Rubber caps are used by different industrial segments in different shapes. For example: few designs of Rubber Cap are being used by automotive lighting companies to prevent the light free from dust and any other free particle which can harm the automotive lights.

The Rubber cap are stocked in dozens of sizes to fit your specific application. Silicone rubber product caps are ideal for powder coating and E-coating operations because they resist high temperatures to 600°F(316°C). Also ideal for chrome plating reusable in many applications.

Caps are used in protection from dust, protection for dumping, as closure etc.

1) Available material: silicone, NBR, fluorosilicone, viton (FKM), neoprene, HNBR, PVC, natural rubber, SBR, CR (neoprene)in approved material.

2) All manufacturing processes confirm to the iso9001 system.

3) Excellent chemical and physical property, water resistance.

4) Rapid development line, from drawing, tool design to mold support and samples.

5) Customer's design and specifications are accepted.

6) Available in various types for bathroom rubber fittings.

Part Code : 20021351