Sunday, February 9, 2014


Cast Polyurethanes are cost effective and dependable Elastomers that combine the performance advantages of engineering plastics, metals and ceramics along with the resiliency and flexibility of rubber. These are internationally popular for their high load bearing capacity, high impact strength, high abrasion resistance, high resilience and excellent resistance to oil and grease.
The applications of polyurethanes include where the actions of sliding, bearing, stripping, forming, damping, cushioning, resting or rolling are involved.
For optimum performance, better results and longer life, selection of appropriate grades is important. These can be formulated with permutation & combination of selective chemicals & additives.
Cast Polyurethanes have unlimited running applications & a huge replacement market is waiting to turn on.
Polyurethane (PU) is a combination of plastic and elasticity of rubber. Some of the features of cast polyurethane are: 
  • Cost effective
  • Dependable
  • Elastomers combining the performance advantages of engineering plastics, ceramics and metals
  • Resilience and flexible as rubber
  • High life expectancy

Industries Used:
·         Press tools
·         Jigs & fixtures
·         Conveyors
·         Machine tools
Process Used In:
·         Stripping
·         Forming
·         Damping
·         Cushioning
·         Resting or rolling
·         Pads
·         Abrasion Resistant Linings
·         Grar Seals
·         Jig & Fixtures
·         Mallets
·         Punch-strippers
·         Screens
·         Spacers
·         Rollers & Sleeves
·         Suspension Bushes
·         Scrappers Blades
·         Wheels
·         Wear Plates

Regular specification:
Size ( wide x long ): 1Feet x 1Feet and 1mtr. x 1 mtr.
Thickness: 1mm to 50mm
Color: Natural Color
Hardness: Shore 85A-98A
High quality, ISO 9001:2008

PART CODE : 20021152