Thursday, December 19, 2013


We have a range of washers including nylon Material in a variety of sizes.

Imperial sizes: Nylon Flat Round Washers

1/8 X 9/32 X 0.032,
3/16 X 7/16 X 0.032,
1/4 X 1/2 X 0.032,
5/16 X 5/8 X 0.062,
3/8 X 3/4 X 0.064,
1/2 X 1 X 0.064,
5/8 X 1.1/4 X 0.100,
3/4 X 1.1/2 X 0.100,
1 X 1.7/8 X 0.120 

Metric sizes: Nylon Flat Round Washers

M2 x 5.0mm x 0.8mm,
M2.5 x 5.6mm x 0.8mm,
M3.5 x 8.0mm x 0.8mm,
M3 x 7.0mm x 0.5mm,
M4 x 9.0mm x 0.8mm,
M5 x 10.0mm x 1.0mm,
M6 x 12.5mm x 1.6mm,
M8 x 17.0mm x 1.6mm,
M10 x 20.0mm x 2.0mm,
M12 x 24.0mm x 2.5mm,
M16 x 30.0mm x 3.0mm,
M20 x 37.0mm x 3.0mm,
M24 x 44.0mm x 4.0mm,
M27 x 50.0mm x 4.0mm,
M30 x 56.0mm x 4.0mm,
M33 x 60mm x 5.0mm,
M36 x 66.0mm x 5.0mm

Part Code : 20021114